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creative consultant

Saving humanity, one creatives solution at a time...

I’m Tas

Someone once said that I’m …

An experienced Creative Leader with over 20 years of industry experience in branding, marketing and creative problem solving. I have helped clients develop corporate and brand identities; created and led advertising campaigns across multiple channels; helped improve market positioning for brands by iterating effective communication strategies, with the ability to execute an end-to-end process that involves research, strategy, design, and launch.

What do i do?

Brand Strategy, digital, print, video, web, and multimedia.

Current with, and ahead of, current cultural, creative, social media and industry trends and now seeking a challenging position within a business or brand with problems that require creative solutions in digital, print, video, web, and multimedia.

• Direct Marketing Campaigns
• Team Leadership & Management Abilities
• Advanced Problem-Solving Abilities
• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
• Business Acumen
• Manage Stakeholder Relations
• Project Management

• Design & Branding Expertise
• Strategic Planning
• Strategic Decision Making
• Analyze Market Data & Dynamics
• Adaptable, Proactive Approach to Problem Solving

Skills & Abillities

What I am best at

Design & Branding

Web & UX Design

Digital Marketing